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Rev. Dr.  Leroy Sanders, Pastor Emeritus

We Have Come This Far By Faith!!!
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~A Saga of A Religious Dream~

Kenwood United Church of Christ came into being on November 17, 1885 under the name of Kenwood Evangelical Church. A small faithful group of persons from various denominations had come together in unity to organize “The Lakeside Sunday School”. Ground was broken for its first meeting house on April 9, 1885 at the intersection of Woodlawn and Lake Avenue, near Forty-fifth street. The school’s membership had increased rapidly, so a large wing was added and named the “Kenwood Chapel”. When further rapid increase was noticed, the “Kenwood Sunday School” had been organized on August 30, 1885; along with a Ladies Society and a weekly prayer meeting.

Preaching services were held from the first, and were attended by increasing numbers. It was soon realized that the neighborhood was ripe for the organization of a church. At a meeting held on September 5, 1885, the decision was made to organize a neighborhood church on the basis of the Christian faith common to all Evangelical believers.

On November 17, 1885, the “Kenwood Evangelical Church” was organized with thirty-seven members. The following April, 1886, the Rev. John P. Hale was called to the Pastorate and began his labors, the first Sunday of June, 1886. As the membership continued to increase, it became clear that a larger building would be needed. On November 26, 1887 the cornerstone of our present building was laid.

Rev. Hale finished his ministry at Kenwood Church in March of 1898. The pulpit was supplied by Professor H. M. Scott, D.D. of CTS.

On October 12, 1898, a call was extended to the Rev. R. Crosser of Glens Falls, N.Y. He preached his first sermon as the Minister of Kenwood on the 2nd Sunday in December, 1898. He left to accept another call on June 26, 1910. Rev. Albert Joseph McCarney came from his Pastorate in Sharon, Pennsylvania to become Kenwood’s Minister on April 9, 1911. He served here until May 8, 1927. On Sunday, March 18, 1928, Rev. Alfred Lee Wilson began what was to be a twenty-one year ministry at the church.

Kenwood Church’s fortunes have fluctuated over the years as it has experienced many changes and a variety of circumstances. During the years between Rev. Wilson’s retirement in 1949 and the present, Kenwood Church have been well served by  several Ministers:

We were saved by Grace when our present Pastor, Rev. Dr. Leroy Sanders was called in August, 1980 and began his service on September 1, 1980. In the period since Rev. Sanders acceptance as Pastor, we have witnessed and experienced phenomenal changes in terms of growth, both numerically and Spiritually.

Kenwood United Church of Christ stands as a monument to the cause of the United Church of Christ in the immediate community and in the city of Chicago. It is an example to generations yet unborn of what trust and faith in God means to those who will become reconciled to His will. It stands as a sacred place in which the Gospel message is preached to all Men, Women, Boys and Girls.

We have come this far by Faith, leaning and depending upon the Lord, trusting in His Holy Word, because our God has not failed us yet!

Rev. William Charles Malloy, Jr. (April 5, 1949 - Late 1949)

Rev. George Nishimoto (1949 - February 28, 1961)

Rev. Carlton Young, Assistant (January 24, 1960-March, 1961)

Rev. Dr. Donald Benedict, Interim (March, 1961 - August, 1961)

Rev. Dr. Samuel Gandy (September, 1961 - December 1964)

Rev. Robert Jones, Assistant (1961 - 1963)

Rev. Herbert Eaton (1964 - 1966)

Rev. Dr. Clynde Miller, Interim (1968 - 1969)

Rev. Marion Phillip (1969 - 1970)

Rev. Byron Hood (1970 - 1972)

Rev. Thomas Davis (October 27, 1974 - 1976)

Rev. Alexander Yuille (July, 1977 - December, 1979)

Rev. Barron Brandon, Interim (March, 1980 - May, 1980)

Rev. John McFarland (June, 1980 - August, 1980)

Under Pastor Leroy Sanders’ leadership, the following Ministries have developed:

Bible Study

Computer Learning Center

Deacon Board

Faith Community/Parish Nurse

Feed the People Soup Kitchen

Health Ministry

Men’s Fellowship

Music Ministry

Norma Jean Sanders Free Clinic

Virginia Sanders Nurses

Prison Ministry

Road to Recovery Ministry

Senior Ministry (S.H.A.R.E.)

Social Justice Ministry

Sunday School

Usher Board

Women’s Fellowship

Youth Ministry